The Answer

To Life is Here.

If we don’t ask the question,
we won’t hear the answer
What is the question?
How can I be more happy?


Ask the question.
How can I be more happy?


Seek solution.
What will it take for me to find happiness?


Get The Answer.
You have the power.
It’s all within you…

How can I learn more about The Answer?

It’s time. It is time to stop the pattern of acting and being who we think we are, and to start being and acting who we really are. It is time to wake up and take responsibility. It is time to change. We are have the power. We all have the ability. The knowledge to the “how” is the only way out of this ego-driven mess we call Life…

This website will offer writings, teachings, articles, solutions, ways — and even the complete The Answer book, in order for you to find the happiness you seek.

the key to life is

The Answer

Most of us are, fundamentally, out of relationship with who we really are. We don’t even realize that who we think we are, is not real.

What if life was really all about learning how to be right here, right now, centered, present, free, and open?

What if life was really about seeing ourselves – everything and everyone – for what we really are?

What if life is really about learning how to be free from who we think we are?


Completely happy.

Life is a process and a series of results from careful, ongoing work of self-observation and expression. The work is learning how to be present with reality, no matter how it presents itself.

The secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of trying to make it into something that you think it should be.